The family routines and experiences of each child will be considered as children enter their classroom each day

In each classroom there will be a regularity of routine which will allow the children to feel confident that they are in control of their environment. Appropriate exceptions will happen within the routines as special events occur and children’s needs determine adaptations.

Safe, developmentally appropriate materials will engage children in developing their own abilities, strengths and interests. Materials will vary and encourage independence and be reflective of a variety of cultures. Children will be encouraged to play both with others and alone if they wish.

A typical week will offer a balance of activities in art, music, literacy, science and dramatic play and all classroom will structure their daily routines to allow the needs of all the children to explore their choices and feel a sense of accomplishment as they engage with materials, peers and adults while at school. Classroom schedules will reflect sufficient time for transitions as well as activities. Teacher’s planning will reflect the ongoing and daily needs of the children in their care and be mindful of how transitions are structured, what their expectations can be and how modifications may need to be made to each day. These modifications will address changes in the children’s level of interest ( in materials and planned curriculum). Outdoor time will, with a mindfulness to safety, allow child-choice and sufficient freedom so that they may extend indoor activities to the outside but also fully explore the outdoor environment.