Admission Priorities

  1. The siblings of already enrolled* Amherst College and Woodside children.
  2. The children of Amherst College employees and students and the children of full time Woodside staff.
  3. The children of casual Amherst College employees.
  4. The siblings of already enrolled community children.

* Sibling priority status is only applicable to families who have at least one child who will continue to be enrolled for the requested enrollment period.

Within the framework of these priorities, admission will occur based on the date of application.** Added consideration will be given to those seeking full time vs. part time spaces.  A commitment to enroll one full time slot in the infant class as two part time spaces will be considered when possible. Once a contract has been signed, no child can be denied enrollment for the duration of the contract period for affiliation reasons. Any Amherst College, Woodside or Community child, who has been denied enrollment because of over enrollment, will be offered enrollment as vacancies occur.

Applications for the summer and fall programs will be available throughout the year. Amherst College and Woodside affiliated families will receive priority consideration for any vacancies for upcoming summer and fall enrollment periods when applications are received by March 15.

**Any family who is offered space for their child and declines it, will be required to file an updated application, with fee, to be considered for future enrollment. The child’s place on the waiting list will then be determined by the new date of application.

Woodside Children’s Center admits children of any race, sex, country of origin, ability or religious affiliation and guarantees access to all rights, privileges, program and activities generally accorded or made available at the center. The center does not discriminate on the basis of any protected category in the administration of its admissions, hiring or educational practices.